High Ground sells Pre-Owned equipment that has undergone a mechanical inspection and comes with a comprehensive condition report. We think this is the way it should be done.

Specializing in Grinders, Trommels, Shredders, Crushers and Screeners, most of our Pre-Owned opportunities come from trade-ins. Once known and or available, these units are typically purchased quickly, often within a day or two after they receive their inspection and report.

If you have equipment that you’d like to trade or sell, please let us know. We’ll be pleased to have a look, do the research and come up with a market assessment, a trade value and/or a cash offer.

If you’re interested in a used piece of equipment – and in particular, a Grinder, Chipper, Crusher, Screener or Trommel – let us know. We or one of our customers might have the perfect solution for you.

We’re pleased to work with you to pre-arrange financing so that when a tasty piece of equipment becomes available, you can be ready to pounce.

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